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Former SM Entertainment CEO Nikki Semin Han launches US-based K-pop company Titan Content

2023. 11. 28

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Nikki Semin Han, the former CEO of 
SM Entertainment, has today launched Titan Content. 

The new operation is billed as a “multinational K-pop powerhouse music company” and the first US-based K-pop specialist.  

Titan aims to bridge the gap between business and creative talent in the East and West. Titan’s founders have worked with K-pop superstars like BoA, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Exo, The Boyz, Twice and Itzy, among many others. 

“With headquarters in Los Angeles and studios in both Los Angeles and Seoul, Titan is poised to reshape and revolutionise the K-pop landscape,” said a statement. “The company will develop and create world class K-pop artists and content, maximising opportunities in the growing global K-pop market, and further expand to a variety of festivals and brands.”

It will also combine traditional K-pop business models and content with Web3, metaverse and AI innovation.

“Think of Titan like the Avengers of the K-pop community joining forces to redefine the industry,” said chairman of the board, Nikki Semin Han. “With a proven record of elevating global superstars, Titan’s founders and executives have played key roles in helping shape K-pop and making it a global lifestyle with passionate fans across the world. 

“Together, we’re creating a company where artists thrive, fans come first, music takes centre stage, and industry disruption reigns supreme.” 

“By connecting the East and the West, Titan plans to lead the K-pop revolution on a global scale,” said CEO Katie Kang. “Not only will we utilise our vast experience and expertise to develop and create beloved K-pop artists and brands, we will also push the industry forward through savvy Web3 disruption.”  

“With Titan, you can expect groundbreaking innovation, unmatched creativity, and global success,” said chief business officer Dom Rodriguez. “We’re thrilled to work together to lead the next generation of K-pop.”

Titan’s initial seed round with multinational investors and strategic partners was led and closed by RW3 Ventures and Raptor Group, with Dreamus Company serving as a co-lead investor. Co-investors include investment firms and strategic global partners such as Animoca Ventures, Sfermion, Bell Partners, Heros Entertainment, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Scrum Ventures, Planetarium and Avalanche. 

PHOTO: (L-R) Chief Visual Officer Guiom Lee, CEO Katie Kang, Chairman of the Board Nikki Semin Han, and Chief Performance Officer Lia Kim

[Excerpts] Music Week - labels, Nov 28. 2023

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